Modular Buildings

Supplied to site in modules which connect together to create larger structures.

Individual module sizes are available in the following specs.

Length: From 3.6m to 12m, usually in 0.6m increments
Width: From 2.4m to 4m, usually in 0.6m increments
Ceiling Height: Normally 2.35m but up to 3.6m possible
Multiple Module: There is no practical limit to how many modules may be assembled both side by side and end to end to create larger areas.
Internal finishes: Vinyl faced plasterboard, laminates, painted plasterboard, vinyl sheet, wall paper etc
External finishes: Gloss paint, textured paint, flat plastisol steel, profiled plastisol steel.
Installations: Mechanical, electrical and sanitary fittings.
Air conditioning.
Gas or electric heating, wet central heating systems, solar heated (photovoltaic and solar powered) rainwater harvesting systems, heat recovery systems, heat pump installations and specialist installations for medical use.
Stories: Up to four stories for our standard steelwork design.